Due to the nature of our architecture being based purely on dedicated AWS EC2 instances, each hosting plan at Web.Eng has a defined and efficient disaster recovery procedure in place. The historical reliability and maturity of Amazon’s infrastructure is partly why we’ve invested so heavily in their breadth of products, enabling us to achieve favorable uptime results for our customers.

Recovery Time & Point Objectives

Our Recovery Time Object and Recovery Point Objective targets can vary based on the selected hosting plan.

RPO = Recovery Point Objective: The point in time for your data set for recovery
RTO = Recovery Time Objective: The amount of time expected to recover from a failure

Each configuration offers a unique recovery procedure and resolution objective depending on the number of web nodes in rotation (whether you’re operating on a single-serve solution or High Availability multi-web node setup). We offer enhanced DR options for an additional cost to meet more strict RTO and RPO goals than what the standard strategies deliver to accommodate your organization’s needs.

Multi-Zone Failover For Your Data

Amazon RDS is used across all Web.Eng plans by default separate from your EC2 instance, so we’re left with your localized file data forming the bulk of a restore. Recovery procedures take up more time on restoring the database side. Since we partition the database onto its own server, this helps greatly minimize that RTO timeline.

The RDS provides automatic failover across multiple Amazon Availability Zones, so no restoration of the database is necessary. Having your data externally stored for automated recovery at any time, this leaves us with your website files which typically see a quick turnaround time to restore.

Sophisticated Server Management

We utilizes a central configuration management system which allows us to track customizations made for individual servers in our environment. Our staff can accurately and quickly replicate a customer’s existing server(s) and port over all site data in the event Web.Eng’s staff deems this necessary. We’re monitoring your VPS 24/7 with immediate alerting to our core DevOps support team to assist in relieving any stress caused to your server.

Additional Recovery Measures

A more simple addition customers can make to improve the stability of their recovery time is provide us with a personal S3 bucket we can route your nightly backups to in a region separate from your VPS to access in the event of a failure. This can help strengthen your backbone occupying a more geographically diverse plan of recovery.

Our architecture and service is designed with the highest regard for your durability, performance and security. We understand the true cost of downtime and what those implications can mean for your business. Talk to our specialists to learn how we can best serve your WordPress needs.