AWS Backs Us, We Back You

For the past 9 years, AWS was evaluated as the Leader in cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

The market for cloud IaaS continues to consolidate as customers and vendors push for more security, innovation, and scale.

Read Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide (2019)

  • Security

  • Availability

  • Performance

  • Global Footprint

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

Web.Eng builds upon resources we source from Amazon to deliver to our clients a suite of products and services that are optimized specifically for the demands of WordPress.

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Public Cloud Computing Market

Source: Statista Global public cloud computing market 2008-2020

Cloud Computing Market Share Breakdown

AWS 32%
Microsoft Azure 18%
Google Cloud 6%
Alibaba Cloud 5%
Others 39%

Source: Canalys Cloud Channels Analysis, February 2020

Infrastructure on AWS

Developer Console

Tech Stack

Server Visibility Layer

Our monitoring systems report on the status of all relevant component programs in the form of live dashboards.

  • Our monitoring systems report on the status of the following component programs:
  • The reporting & monitoring system reports on each component respectively, and includes the following metrics: Current Status, Current Load, CPU Usage, RAM Usage, % SWAP Usage, Read & Write B/s, Version, Disk Space Usage

Application Instance DevOps Layer

The Application Instance layer is focussed on providing better DevOps Management to teams.

  • The Web.Eng Platform includes 3 different application instances which include Staging, Auto Updates and Production.
  • Adding a new WordPress website to your optimised server has never been quicker, easier and more efficient. It takes 3 clicks to build a new website. Pre-packages bundles of themes and plugins can be configured to install and activate, and default users can also be created to log in and start working right away.

  • Each new website build has the options to enable a staging and auto-update instance of the WordPress website. Simply tick the box to enable the features that will allow either the auto-update and/or staging feature to be enabled to the new WordPress website build.




Automatic Updates



WordPress Website Layer

Tools to manage WordPress on a single page.

  • The last and most useful layer is the WordPress specific website layer to configure SSL, PHP versions, Page Caching, Object Caching, Application-level WAF, backups, domain management and logs.

Scale as Your Business Needs Evolve

Put our experience and knowledge to work on your next project. We offer customised, best-in-class support services to fit your site’s specific needs.

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