By way of utilizing Amazon Web Services for our data center services, our network is protected through the AWS Shield Standard, equipping our network with the proper enhancements to secure us from common Denial of Service threats and mitigate active attacks.

What Is DDoS?

A distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is hostile maneuver designed to impede on the normal ebbs and flows of your traffic, targeting either your server, network or service. In essence, a host of internal traffic causing massive congestion and strain on your resources can be damaging to your business.

Protecting WordPress From DDoS Threats

WordPress generally finds its primary risk around DDoS attacks through targeting server resources (such as PHP consuming a large portion of memory or CPU in a small number of requests). With Amazon’s advanced network security group, their default rules filter out the vast majority of typical network-based attacks.

Note: If you’re particularly sensitive to a potential DDoS attack, adding a service like Cloudflare will provide an additional layer of protection that offers specialized hardening pertaining to DDoS threats.

Custom Rate Limiting

Beyond those measures, we can set up custom rate limiting at the NGINX layer on sensitive endpoints to provide cemented protection for the most common application level attacks. We have a dynamic blocker that can be configured for specific traffic patterns across any of our plans.