Yes, we have multiple elevated channels established to meet any level of severity around our customer’s demands. Below are the most prevalent and intimate options available for receiving the highest levels of regard from our stellar support’s service.

Personal Slack Rooms

Dedicated personal Slack rooms are the most connected way to reach our team for greater extended expert service. Customers can choose up to three users to coordinate with our support and DevOps teams during critical onboarding, configuration or outages to create the most ideal solution for taking our distinct, unequaled guidance one step further.

Slack rooms are offered at an additional fee. Ping our sales team for any questions you have in understanding the possibilities and customizations available for your Web.Eng setup.

Custom Monitoring: Monit

Alongside our Slack channels, customers can pair these with Custom Monitoring Node which can be set to configure any unique alert of your choosing. Alerts can be based on CPU / Network / Database / Outages and other business intelligence for monitoring high-value pages directly via email or Slack. Any critical status outages triggered from your personal rules will be logged in Slack offering insights into the assignment of our team that will be working to resolve any presenting matters.

Enhanced SLA

In addition to the above features, our Enhanced SLA promises higher degrees of uptime availability and response times from our support experts. Expressed in the embed page detail the parameters around the precedence this agreement takes over our Standard SLA, including our 100% availability guarantee.