Last Updated: 2021-11-04

Enhanced Service Level Agreement

This Enhanced Service Level Agreement is an addendum to our standard SLA and offers additional service guarantees. All other terms of our standard SLA apply. This Enhanced Service Level Agreement is made available to and/or provided to select Web.Eng customers. Please consult with your Support Agent, Sales Agent, or Technical Account Manager for details.

The Commitments Under This Enhanced Service Level Agreement Are as Follows:

100% Service Availability Guarantee

Supercedes Standard SLA

Host guarantees our service will be available and free of material defects for use by customers at a minimum 100% of the hours in a calendar month. In the event that our service does not experience 100% availability in a given month (see Excluded Events), the following credit schedule will be used.

  • 1-30 Mins : 5%
  • 30-60 Mins: 8%
  • 60-90 Mins: 12%
  • 90-120 Mins: 20%

Thereafter Host will credit 20% of your monthly service fees for each additional two (2) hours of service unavailability experienced up to 100% (for all Service Credits in a given month) of the monthly service fees for those Services affected.


Exclusive to Enhanced Service Level Agreement

Host makes the following Time to First Response (TTFR) for customer-generated support inquries via our support desk based upon issue severity.

Severity Level Description Target TTFR
1. Critical Service is down / High risk of service downtime 1 hour
2. Urgent End-user impact initiated 2 hours
3. High Potential for performance impact if not addressed 2 hours
4. Normal General Correspondance 4 hours

In the event three (3) or more instances in a given month our service does not meet these criteria (see Excluded Events), the following credit schedule will be used.

  • 3 Breaches : 15%
  • Each Additional : 10%